Q&A with JorDan

Since the end of the 4th Hidden Cup, more peace returned to the team, and also for the finalist JorDan, everyday life slowly started again. We didn't want to miss the chance to ask him a few questions so that old and new fans can learn more about him:


Real name: Marco Bloch
Age: 29 years
Place of birth: Rotthalmünster
Height and shoe size: 1.78m, 43
Hobbies besides AoE: Fitness, Basketball, Cycling, Tennis, Hiking

How I would rate my current shape: Physically I looked healthier when the gyms were still open :D In Age, I am playing enormously well at the moment. The Hidden Cup 4 result means a lot to me. It allowed me to prove to myself that I could reactivate my skills from before, and that gives me hope for the future.

Without my teammates,
I would be nowhere near as good as I am. Because of them, I have the opportunity to improve a lot, as all of my teammates are phenomenal players.

My biggest success: I would actually call making the finals at HC4 the biggest success on the AoE side. Outside of AoE, graduating with a Master's degree in Business Informatics is the biggest success.

I am particularly proud of the person I have made of myself. I wouldn't want to change anything about myself right now.

My secret weak spot is my lack of creativity. I find it hard to think out of the box.

The first thing when I think about GamerLegion is the great team atmosphere and the great support I get from GamerLegion.

The world would be better with more people that would finally take responsibility for their own happiness and not blame everything and everyone for their unhappiness.

I have a weakness for smoothies (I have them every morning :D). Being vegan means to me to have found a new me. Through the vegan lifestyle, I can perform much better and above all more consistently. I am much more satisfied with myself because I feel very balanced.

What does sport mean to you? Sports have always been in the top 3 most important building blocks of my life. Through sports, I can clear my head, master new challenges, push myself to a new level and most importantly interact with other people.

Nobody knows this about you → Tell us 2 truths and 1 lie
- I first graduated from secondary school and then went on to study computer science at a vocational college, where I completed my vocational college degree. This paved the way for me to successfully master my business informatics studies.

- My parents have been divorced since I was 25.

- I have never had coffee.


Who do you want to know more about next and which lie did JorDan tell you? Feel free to leave us a comment below the following tweet: https://twitter.com/GamerLegion/status/1375813632882221056

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